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For those of you considering throwing up your food.


Take it from someone who’s doing well in recovery- it’s not the way to go.

It’s not how you be kind to your body, or improve the way you see yourself. It is a huge step back in terms of being in a happy and positive place with your self-image. A lot of people don’t know the actual effects bulimia can have on you and your body! They aren’t spoken about often, and TV shows and slapstick comedic movies poke fun/ glorify and simplify this very serious and harmful disorder. Some people just think it’s throwing up, and getting skinny. Simple and no biggie, right? Wrong.

Let me break it down into some lil factoids for ya:

Bulimia, really:

- Bulimia is a serious medical disease.

- Bulimia is not strictly purging! It can also be ridding the body forcibly of food with the use of laxatives (something I don’t have experience with, so I won’t really be covering past this point)

- Often, it’s not just a routine of eating and vomiting. It more commonly follows a vicious cycle of strict and unhealthy dieting, cravings, binging, massive guilt and purging, and then self-punishment. 

- Throwing up food actually rids only about 50% of calories from consumed food- no matter how fast you bring it back up.

- You usually don’t lose much weight, and if you do, it’s not loss of fat.

- Despite how it’s often depicted in media, people with bulimia are, more often than not, of average weight or overweight.

- Your weight does not define you.

- Your weight does not measure how valuable and beautiful you are.

How it affects you:

- Puffy cheeks

- Throat discomfort, damage, and pain

- Discolored and hurt teeth, with weakened enamel because of acidic damage (teeth break easier, and are more sensitive to hot and cold temperature foods)

- Bloating in the tummy (it’s uncomfortable and yeah, it makes that area bigger)

- Constant tummy aches

- Loss of energy and sometimes lightheadedness

- When it becomes habit, eating anything at all can make you feel nauseous and sick, causing you to throw up against your will

- Permanent damage to stomach and esophagus

- Irregular periods

- Causes your unhealthy, warped view of self to grow further

Seeking help:

- If this is something you’re considering, talk to someone. Talk to someone who loves and cares about you, and also talk to a professional.

- Therapists are rad

- Nutritionists are rad

- ED Support Groups can be super helpful in feeling understood and moving forward

- If you know someone with an ED:

- If you want to learn more and find more resources on this:

Be kind to your body. Be kind to you. It is possible to come to love yourself, no matter what you’ve been told or where you’re at with how you see yourself.

Help is possible. Things can get brighter. You have the capacity for so much love and strength! And sometimes being strong means asking for help. I hope you know that you are loved. 


— Morgan Paige





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